Building Partnerships: EU-Africa Climate Summit

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By: Kennedy Liti Mbeva 


‘Stand together to make our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet’ – Nelson Mandela
You may mistake the recent EU-Africa Climate Seminar as a false hope, given that it happened on 1st April (April Fools Day); more so if you are getting disillusioned by the slow pace of the international UNFCCC climate change negotiations. However, this seminar was an important step in the build-up to the 2015 Climate Agreement in Paris, France.Of more immediate importance is the fact that Parties negotiating the new climate agreement have set COP20 in December 2014, Lima, Peru, as the deadline for crafting a negotiation text, from which the 2015 Climate Agreement will be derived. Continue reading

March in Bonn: Where To?

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By: Kennedy Liti Mbeva
In March 2014, the fourth session of the second stream of the UNFCCC Ad-Hoc Working Group of the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP2.4) took place in Bonn, Germany. This was an important meeting that set the ball rolling towards crafting a global climate agreement by 2015. So, what was this meeting all about, what were the outcomes, and what was their significance? We provide a summary in here; for more elaborate details, this document by UNFCCC would be most appropriate: here.
The Agenda
As earlier elaborated, ADP2.4 was part of a series of meetings aimed at designing the 2015 Climate Agreement. More specifically, this session was strongly focused on raising ambition for greenhouse reduction through mitigation interventions. In short, the main items in the meeting agenda were:
  Continue reading

GreenBits at Kenya Power Shift


By: Charles Kyeti
The first-ever KENYA POWER SHIFT was held in Limuru, Kenya, on the 25th-27th March 2014. 120 climate change and environmental activists came together to share their climate stories as well as to discuss actions that the youth in Kenyan could take to combat climate change.This was a brainchild of the eight Kenyan climate activists who had traveled to Istanbul in June 2013 to share and learn from their counterparts from around the world about strategic climate organisation and leadership.Charles Kyeti, a Co-founder and Creative Director of GreenBits initiative was part of this team. Being the group’s secretary he was deeply involved in the conceptualization of the Power shift Idea. This was done in a series of 6 month long meetings held at PAWA 254 offices in Nairobi. Continue reading


By: Reuben Makomere

The Atmosphere 

While the world, and particularly the developing countries positioned themselves for the 19th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP19), there was measured optimism that this time, we were going to witness a more decisive COP, sure not to the level that would have been desired but more positive none the less.

Loss and Damage 

This was further captured by the anticipation that surrounded the talks on Loss and Damage following the decision to include the same on the agenda for the Warsaw talks, a key issue particularly in the Developing and Least Developed Countries. All this was in the shadow of looming adverse weather events in the Philippines and off the coast of Somalia. Continue reading


By: Kennedy Liti Mbeva

The Agreement

Back in June 2013, while the climate community was preparing for COP19 in Warsaw, Poland, something happened: the US and China reached an agreement to work on the reduction of HFCs, a family of potent chemicals responsible for ozone depletion as well as green house gases, and is commonly found in refrigerators.

This would be pursued under the auspices of the Montreal Protocol, which deals with substances that deplete the Ozone layer. It is noteworthy that the US and China are the biggest global emitters of carbon; thus, the act of President Obama of the US and President Xi of China was a significant gesture. Continue reading



A New Publication

We are happy to announce that we have a new publication out: Defrosting COP19. This publication is a collection of the articles that were featured in this blog, all neatly tied up.

The articles cover a wide range of issues discussed at COP19, written in a simple, yet informative manner.


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